Laser Therapy

Laser dentistry is an exciting new field that offers pain-free treatment for many common problems, including canker sores, cold sores and denture abrasions, etc. With the use of a local anesthetic, lasers can be a valuable tool to painlessly remove tongue ties and traumatic lesions in the mouth.

As a minimally invasive technique, laser therapy is a fit for those desiring a painless solution to certain concerns. Additionally, along with the ease of the laser therapy, healing time is typically minimal and therefore a desired option to many people.

Lasers are used to address a variety of dental concerns, and provide more comfortable and efficient care. Benefits of laser therapy when compared to other procedures include:

  • Reduced healing time

  • Little chance of infection

  • Decreased need for sutures

Depending on the specific procedure, anesthesia may be required during laser therapy. This is a painless procedure that is quite similar to other general dental services.