If you currently experience a tooth that is decayed, damaged or fractured, Campbell Dentistry may suggest a crown for full coverage restoration. Made from porcelain, crowns cover the tooth to provide a strong and stable replacement for a weakened tooth. Our crowns are custom-blended to perfectly match the natural shade of your teeth, resulting in a beautiful cosmetic outcome.

Crowns are appropriate for a number of reasons, from protecting a weak tooth to restoring a broken one. If one of your teeth needs protection, an improved appearance, or a change in size and shape, you may find a crown to be the ideal solution.

Crowns offer multiple protective and restorative results. Among the benefits of crowns are:

  •  Restore a tooth to a healthy size and shape

  • Strengthen teeth

  • Enhance appearance

  • Rebuild a broken tooth or rebuild weak ones

If significant disease or decay is found, a root canal may be needed prior to placement of the crown. Following a careful cleaning and local anesthetic application, the tooth is filed for the space required for the crown. In the case of missing tooth structure, material may be added for a specific size and shape. An impression of the tooth is then completed with putty or paste and used to create a custom-made crown. This ensures that the crown fits perfectly with your natural teeth. The overall procedure usually takes two visits and at the time the crown is placed on the tooth, a local anesthetic may be used.